What’s the deal here?

Ah yes, beef jerky. The most tastiest, ultimate man-fuel in existence. Where would we be today without beef jerky? Our forefathers lived on the stuff as they pioneered this great nation. Without it, we’d probably still only have 13 colonies.

But I digress. ┬áThe jerky I make kicks ass. I make it all by hand without using any kind of MSG or preservatives and I hand pick only the best cuts of meat for my jerky when I go to the market. ┬áThere’s a huge difference in quality between the brand name jerky that you buy in the store and the jerky that I make.

Sometimes I don’t have enough jerky on hand to fill an order if it is larger than usual. If this is the case, I make jerky on the weekends when I have free time so it may not be ready till the following week of your order. Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

1/2 lb. of jerky

1/2 lb. of jerky

There are no secrets, check out how I make it. Shadiness aside, the jerky is super legit. I’ve got the testimonials to prove it :p